Man Up

One thing that annoys me is when guys act like women. See there are certain things I expect from a woman that they can get a pass with that annoys me but when guys do the same there is no pass. For example when I don’t answer the phone, as much as I hate it a woman will take issues and I can expect that. Yet when a dude wants to question another dude why he didn’t answer the phone then I got an issue. If you are so sensative about nothing then honestly you shouldn’t be running with me in any aspect of life.

Women are supposed to be super emotional people while men are meant to be the logical end of the relationship. It is the yin and yang that makes things both difficult and great to experience at the same time. This is the fundamental balance between masculinity and feminity that is necessary in life. Yet individuals will attempt to crossover and ruin this balance as well as make same sex friendships weird. The point in men communicating is to exchange game whether it is based on finding success, women, etc. But when an individual is emotional a lot of dumb things happen. Women being the emotional beings they are it is understandable how they deal with each other is frustrating but that is to be expected. As a man life is more difficult and I am not saying for you to be emotionally repressed but there are limits.

When a dude acts like a girl then I lose respect for them. A girl checks up on a guy, a girl gets emotionally broken by little things that are overlooked, etc. Here is the reality of guys, if they didn’t answer the phone either they didn’t want to talk to you or they are doing something else. Either way isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t matter if the world is ending, that is his choice. By being upset with that choice you show your insecurities. Personally when people never call me back I forget and never ask why. Honestly I have too much going on for me to even consider this as an option. Too many dudes have too much time on their hands or are too emotional to understand life for men.

The moral to this story is for guys to man up. I am tird of dealing with guys who act like girls. If you are being sensative about little things then you have a lot of growing up to do. For black men in particular pain is part of becoming a man as you will have to live with disappointments. These disappoints will strip the sensativity out of your soul and make you a logical individual who has the ability to lead. The more femine you are the less respected you will be.