All Nighters

Once you begin to see success you come to realize that there is not enough time in a day to do all you need to do.  Sometimes you are faced with 24 straight hours of doing the work that has to be done.  If you falter it decides your fate because many times in the game you will be faced with this dilemma.  The only way you will break through is to progress while your competition is sleeping and get that money.  Rap is a job that has no hours of operation; as long as you are rapping you are on the clock.

It is very unhealthy to stay awake for such extended amounts of time but it has to be done.  This year alone to get my shit together I have pulled around 13 all nighters as of 6/26/11; yet I’m not getting paid.  If it takes that kind of dedication to get the foundation down of my projects how much more intense do you think things will get once I have a lot of fans?  I already am prepared for future sleep deprived dates because I am a night owl to begin with.  Yet many times the after effects of all nighters ware me down for days after the fact.  Fatigue, headaches, and loss of interest occur when you push yourself this far.  Eventually you get used to it, like me, and can hide the symptoms but you will always feel them.  One day down the road it will catch up but hopefully by then your work has already paid off.

The game is simple but there are lots of things you need to do.  You have websites to maintain, music to record, places to perform, lyrics to write, lyrics to memorize, promotions to work, people to meet, and tons more on the daily.  A child can do all these but not consistently everyday all day; that is the only difficult part about the rap game.  Once you can squeeze all the things you need to do together you realize it’s already 5 am and if you fall asleep now you may miss your alarm clock to do it all over again.  You have come too far to go to sleep so you begin again and try to do better so you can get sleep the next time.

Being up all night is really not a big deal for the music industry; any successful artist will tell you this.  You must get over yourself and get to work if you really want it.  If you enjoy your sleep, this isn’t for you because you will miss out on your opportunities so you can be well rested.  Sleep just enough that you won’t become an insomniac the rest of the time you short be working.