Assuming Is Wrong


One thing that I have had to get away from in order to become better at my craft is to quit assuming people understand what I mean. By thinking this I have been able better explain my emotions and breakdown music in terms everyone can understand. It is a mistake to assume anything because for the most part people will go along without asking questions while not getting it out of fear for being labeled dumb. Therefore a lost opportunity of learning and connecting with people on an emotional level. So the sooner you stop assuming the better things will be for you.

In a recent lyrical breakdown I didn’t breakdown one particular bar because I assumed people would understand it seeing as though it was simple for me. That was my mistake because I recieved messages of people who didn’t get it. Some people will put the blame on that individual but no, the blame is mine to have. It is my job to decipher things that people didn’t understand from the beginning. I pride myself with such because no other reviewer actually breaks down lyricism any where close to the level that I do. See believing people understand is a crutch to keep you from actually understanding yourself. Many people say they like things but can’t specifically tell you why outside of statements like “this is hot”. Once you assume people don’t know then your skills to explain will increase as you will finally gather a real understanding enough to deliver to others.

Here is where my mistake comes into play. I have been reviewing music consistently for over six years now. This includes a massive amount of commercial acts but far more independent musicians. I may easily have listened to more music than anyone in the world. This includes A&R’s whos job is to listen to music to the most devoted of music fans. By doing this amount of work it is unreasonable for me to assume anyone is on my level. Think about it, if you have done more work than anyone has ever done how can you expect people to know what you mean without being super specific? I am not trying to big myself up but people don’t realize that I am the best yet and that my concepts are advanced due to experience. Therefore I need to avoid assuming anything and focus on rising peoples awearness.

The moral to this story is to stop assuming things. If you assume then you are leaving the possibility of being wrong. In my particular path by not assuming people understand me has helped me to better explain concepts that both musicians and fans of music find difficult to grasp. Believing people understand everything you say because you have simular upbringings or interest is really a cop out from truly understanding things yourself. If you can’t explain something that people can actively understand then you don’t get the concept yourself. Stop using assumptions because they don’t help you or anyone you speak with.