Become the Specialist


It is great to have experts in a particular field that can help guide your purchasing decisions. Honestly that is the direction I prefer to take if I have the option. Yet some of the directions I am forced to take in the pursuit of success takes me out of everyone’s comfort zone. Therefore I must educate myself on the proper path I need to take to continue moving forward. Understand that the knowledge is available as long as you spend the time to figure it out. When you don’t have an expert then you must become the expert or at least serviceable to keep pushing.


So I have been upgrading my home setup for my videos and knowing what equipment to buy is often the difficult question. Many people simply just want to drop a lot of money and hope they have the best stuff but I don’t have that kind of budget and the more I look into it the more complex this is. First thing I need is a new camera. Now do I want one that can film in 4k and how expensive must I go to get the quality I want? The next thing I must get right is the sound because filming with the camera is terrible. What kind of microphone do I want, there are omni directional, usb mics, shotgun mics, etc. The options are abundant but I must figure out what is right for me based on the work I am going to use it for.


With so many options things become confusing but the resource of the internet and individual reviews helped me alot. Starting with the microphone, there are people who review such by filming how they sound with them. First thing I learned was USB microphones are crap no matter how many people standby them. See no soundcard that can process audio on a studio quality, so it isn’t just the USB mics but the system. Mics like omni directional to shot grow in cost but from what I have heard there isn’t that huge of a difference. It took a few hours before I figured out what sound option I want to take and I took the same direction when it came to cameras. Slowly but surely I built my setup and by the time you see this I would have been fully upgraded.


The moral to this story is that there will come a time on your path where there will be no specialist around you and you will need to become one. To gather a decent amount of information about things takes time and effort as the internet has a ton of resources you can seek out. Don’t go out and rush to get the product in your price range, instead seek out what is best for what you do. Also don’t get caught up in the hype of products the masses co sign if you can’t actually see or hear the difference. Seek the negative reviews as much as the positive and you will gather a better understanding of the proper route for you. There are no right or wrong answers here which is why it is difficult. You can merely just put in the work and find what works best for you.