Uncle Rukus of Rap: Being Too Real

I have been told by many people that I am too real for my own good.  The harshness of my criticism is a double edged blade that is the reason some like me but most hate me.  Simply speaking your mind is an easy way to gather more enemies than you ever desired because we all live differently.  We all have opinions based on how we live and most people are not prepared to accept a different side of life.

“I came into this position knowing that one day it would end.  So the only thing I have to worry about is how I want to go out”- The Kingdom

I know this website isn’t forever, I hope it can last a while but I know one day it will end.  Yet since I am in complete control I will run it how I want to run it. People say to me I am going to piss off the wrong person and get black balled, fought, or even targeted by the law for some of things I say.  My responses to that is I don’t give a fuck about the industry anymore anyway.  Also I can fight and I fight dirty so come get it if you want it.  Lastly fuck the law; I never followed anyone’s rules but GOD’s anyway.

Many dick riders ask me if I don’t like the music why did I make a reply to it and why don’t I just listen to what I like? I like rap music PERIOD; so why would I segregate myself to one genre of rap? Also some people need to be told the truth through my eyes because many people surrounding an artist will only say what they think the artist wants to hear.  If they don’t value it, it is what it is but I’m not holding my tongue for shit.

When this ends I want people to look back and say Downlopaz was the realest.  He told us what was true to him no matter the back fire, no matter if it was illegal, no matter what.  He told us some valuable information, we laughed with him, and we cried with him.  Truly the only thing that matters to me is building a legacy and a fan base to make a decent living. To everybody who fucks with me controversy, lil quincy, yaz3689yaz, topbillion, rapwivme, jnsmelendez, ajayofnyc, itsgambitfrombklyn, greenams, aaronvega there are too many for me to name but I fuck with ya’ll.  You guys make it easy for me to put in this work every day, thank you all!!