Best Mixtapes of 2017

Its that time of the year again. Crazy how time flies, it seems like it was only a month ago when I last wrote up this section and with some very familiar names listed here it feels like deja vu. Yet here is the reality, greatness is consistent and these individuals are continually proving themselves as we go. By the end of this year I should only have around 100 songs that I have kept for my personal use. Keep in mind I listen to more than 100 mixtapes in one week. Yet these artists represent 30% of all the songs I have kept this year. A lot of quality that I am extremely excited to introduce to you.

5. Bruce Dillon – Red State @RealBruceDillon

The return of the king. I believe Bruce Dillon was one of the first to make this list years ago. Personally I feel this isn’t the New Orleans natives best work but it shows you his skills and that he is still ahead of the majority. Honestly I would take Bruce Dillon at 30% strength than 90% of the music industry. His last project before this one was released in 2012 I believe, so he dropped off the radar for a while but I was excited to see him re-emerge with quality music. His lyricism, quality music, and consistency is still being showcased here and I strongly recommend you to seek out his past works as you enjoy this project that is influenced by some of your favorite drug movies.


4. Penny Well – Funk The 80s and 90s Vol 1 @PennyWithSoul

Penny Well is a newcomer to this list and the first singing act to ever make it. This project is as the title suggests Funk Music that would fit in the 80’s and 90’s. After hearing this project for the first time I knew he was definitely inspired by Prince based on the construction of his songs. This year I have done my fair share of traveling and everytime I play his songs people mistake him for golden oldies of that era, so he definitely nailed the concept. Some quality music here that will take you back to a different era but quality enough to hold its own in this era.


3. Burga – Realize Everyone Aint Real @burga321

Burga reallly outdone himself here. Burga is an artist that made my Freshman Class 2015 and has consistently released quality music over the years. He is the example of hardwork pays off because years ago I met him in Orlando for some Hip Hop Awards that I was helping out with. Of the 100 people to give me their mixtape his was the only one that I kept. Since then he has consistently released music with slow progression but this one was great. Every track was strongly considered to make my playlist. With his work ethic and constant progression it is all but a matter of time before mass success.

2. Rah – Rah Reagan @RealRah504

Rah is the first back to back member of this list since Bruce Dillon did it back in 2012-2013. What is crazy is how last year he released a December mixtape. I made it a rule to never include such on my best of the year lists but greatness has a way of changing the rules. His delivery, ear for music, and consistent quality is superior to the majority of people in the industry or not. Honestly I believe this to be better than his last effort (Breaking Bad) only because he released less songs and had just as many songs make my playlist. Easily some of the best music of this year.


  1. Buick B – Wordplay @buickb_up

Buick B Wordplay is not only the best mixtape of this year but also a huge surprise for me. The first time I came across Buick B was September 2016 with his Uglyface mixtape. That project was cool as it made my best of the month off the strength of the song watch out. Yet the jump from making a cool tape to the best tape in less than a year gives everyone hope. You never know when things are going to click and you are in the zone crafting excellence. This lyricism of this project can be used to teach people the craft with examples of wordplay, metaphors, punchlines, vocabulary, etc. Yet the production and crafting of the songs is a rare combination that few can actually bring together on this level. If you were going to listen to mixtapes for this year, this is the best place to start.