Downlopaz has been my alias for twelve years.  It is a combination of two childhood nicknames I retained all my youth.  At one point in time my name was Down-low Toe because I always had money and no one could explain why. The other was Amillya Lopaz because people thought I was a hood millionaire.  I forged them together to create the most unique name in the world in which everything I do will be an extension of.

I have dedicated my life to music.  I would always search for names people aren’t familiar with and bring there material to my family; jus to say this guy is going to make it.  I can remember co signing T.I. once I’m Serious was released and everyone laughed at me.  Now those people can’t remember that day.  Today I listen to new music every day and I want to share with the world the quality that is going unheard.  

Once upon a time the name DownLopaz was known for producing and rapping.  I still do strive for perfection in those areas but by being a musician I was able to develop my ears for good music. I’m not always right but I know a hit when I hear one.  And if you feel I’m wrong I will be happy to have a respectful conversation with you to hear where you are coming from. is an open forum for fans and musicians to express their opinions on rap/ hip hop music and also a source for people searching for better music than the 13 songs commercial radio plays.