Blinded By Dreams


Your vision of how things should be blinds you to how things actually are. It is important for you to dream and attempt to mold life into your desires but to completely lose track of the way the world works is a formula of disaster. You must see what the world is missing and create that thing to find your own success. That is an important cause and effect, otherwise you create things people could careless for. When you are aren’t rooted in reality then nothing about you will be relatible and you will lose any form of credibility.


All too often come across people who overtly hate on the way the current music industry works. Keep in mind I too am not a fan of the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Famous Dex, Lil Yachty, and many other commercialized trap rappers. Yet I will never join along with those people because I recognize that even as their music isn’t strong, they are the next generation playing the game. I would much rather school these people on how to successfully navigate the game than frown down on their success. Don’t hate the player, hate the game is a cliche people should seriously consider. These kids are playing it to the point they are attaining finances for their people which is a great thing. My issue is how dare the record labels allow this to happen with the culture.


When you begin to lose track of where the current industry is then you lose any possible opportunity. Too often I see people with hopes of reaching the music industry who don’t listen to music as it is today. They have hope that music will return to what it once was and that is foolish. The biggest opportunities come to those who are watching for them. Those who track the game and find individuals who don’t have a voice can provide for that need. Yet how could you recognize such if you aren’t actively following? This is where ignoring and not respecting the game comes back to haunt you. You could be Steve Young, one of the greatest quarterbacks in his time, if you jump into todays game without understanding the new defensive schemes you will struggle.

The moral to this story is even if you don’t like the direction the game has taken you still should follow it. See the best opportunities come to those who realize the industry is lacking something. You will only see this if you have an understanding of everything happening in the game. Stop hating on people who are doing for their family and focus on those who are allowing such to happen based on their mismanagement to greed.