Boredom will become your most dangerous rival when you chase after the music industry. Everything you must do to become better is simple but takes a very long time to work. Keeping your motivation throughout the years to do the same work over and over is the most difficult to do but you must. See it is easier to do something complex and difficult one time than it is to do something simple and easy consistently for years.

Human nature is an urge to have something new and different on a daily bases. This is why if you are in the mainstream you can get played out very quickly. If you release two albums along the same line, it maybe one too many and an end of your buzz. There is a fine line between promoting and playing yourself out. The more you do something the more people will take notice but also begin to get board of you. No one is able to walk this line to perfection, instead people make a choice; do you want people to get tired of waiting on you or tired of your content?

Boredom is the reason why most people don’t make a career out of music. Sometimes it takes years of promoting one song to build a buzz around it. Think of it like this if you make a hit you need to get it heard to millions. Odds are you won’t have the money to gain radio play so it won’t be a brief grind. Yet too many rappers are too impulsive once a song gets a few months old and begin recording and promoting other songs. There is no way you can get recognition if you keep changing the plan before it can pay off. Your impatience and boredom works against you.

The moral to this story is you must fight against boredom to get anywhere. Consistency is the best way to get the most out of your craft but you will desire something new eventually. The smart move is to stick with a plan that shows promise for years and its not very smart to allow boredom to ruin your chances at success. If you control your impulsiveness then you can create something from nothing.  Keep in mind music is a job and no job that pays is fun, the hard work that goes into it will increase your boredom and stress but you must live with it to succeed.