Buying Skills


It is always the terrible emcees or producers trying to sell their work. Don’t get me wrong I support anyone trying to earn money off the work they put in but you have to reach a certain quality before you can intrigue people to purchase. Sadly most people see these tools to earn money and use them far better than building your skill level. Understand there is a point where you are good enough to be paid and people will throw money at you without asking. Now am I saying that garbage acts don’t make money, NO. There are plenty emcees that don’t have talent but their path has earned them funds. Yes you can be that but why would that be something you would strive towards?

If you aren’t good enough to have people hear your material and throw money at you then you aren’t ready. I have seen it all too often when dope producers play something people can’t help but to demand it. Of course there will be your people begging for free music but when you are good then people will pay a reasonable fee. Same goes for rappers trying to move mixtapes. See rappers feel as though because they have a mixtape people have to buy it but that is not so. Yet if you have skills and know how to sell your stuff trust me when I say people will come out of pocket. Let me tell you a story about when I was selling mixtapes back in the day. I knew the strengths that our crew had and played to it. We had one great artist and everyone else were complimentary including me. Honestly my role was more towards the business to make sales while I built up my own skills. So with an understanding that we had one artist who was ready he recorded a hit that he only had the first verse in and produced. I would simply play that part of the song then cut it off on some that was the only thing you will get for free here. From that point people came out the pocket because he was ready.

Sadly people want to point at notoriously garbage acts that have reached mainstream as their confirmation that they are ready. When you have no idea what those individuals did in order to get where they are. What if they had sex with an executive, what if they signed a deal that ensures they make no money, what if that label is solely attempting to exploit this act? You have no idea of any of this so you can’t compare your path to theirs. Also do you really want to be like those individuals? Those emcees are clowned for not making quality music and have no longevity in the industry. Look at soulja boy for example, what he did with building success of social media should have led to undying love but it didn’t. Due to him not being a quality act he ultimately became a one hit wonder and that is not without trying. He still is releasing music today but because he never was a quality rapper who actually cares? This is the best case scenerio for anyone taking the path of being led by terrible rappers.

The moral to this story is to build your skills until people are prepared to pay for your work. Keep in mind some people will only beg for freebies but if you can’t find people in the masses that are willing to pay you for your work then you aren’t ready. This is a great guide besides comparing yourself to the best out there to determine if you are ready skill wise. Don’t get caught up on how lesser skilled people are getting promoted in the industry because you have no clue what they had to do to get that. Sometimes they do things that you wouldn’t be willing to do for such. One golden rule is that people people will always pay for something they want and you just have to become good enough to fill that need.