Catching Up

So recently I went on a family vacation where there was no opportunity for me to get on the internet let alone actually put in work. This was really frustrating to a degree because I am really accustomed to being on the internet everday researching and creating content. So when I returned from this vacation I had two options, first was to start my grind from that point and chalk up an entire week of work or I could catch up. I chose to catch up and I am now getting very close to completing that task that was more difficult but worthwhile.

The reason why I chose to catch up on everything I missed is because this is my passion. First I simply don’t want to miss out on the great projects that were released while I was gone. With that in mind while I was gone some quality acts that I have made my best mixtape of the year lists in the past released music, Carlito Black and Dexx. If I decided to not go back I would have completely missed these guys as well as several acts that I were just introduced to. Secondly without doing such I wouldn’t have found some people so supportive of my channel that they donated for the next On Blast. The work I put in is one that will be rewarded well down the line but it is nice to see such happen immediately.

This is honestly a great test on whether what you are doing is your passion or not. It is just a fact of life no matter how consistent you are of anything you will eventually fall behind. Life just gets in the way of everything but its how you deal with it that counts. When you don’t have a boss or fear of losing your job then if you were to fall behind odds are that you would never catch up. Things are different when you work for yourself. There is no one forcing to do anything and the only fears you would have is your own. If you push yourself to catch up on your own accord then you have found your passion and that will never burn out as you continue to move forward.

The moral to this story is to understand your passion. Your passion is something that you would do for free but prefer to be paid for it. Where people struggle for inspiration and the desire to wake up everyday to accomplish something it will come as second nature to you. You will find enjoyment in the things people find tedious and too long to finish. This is how you will be able to do what people deem impossible because you will simply be doing what you love. If you don’t love something enough to do a weeks worth of work on top of the work that is coming in then it isn’t a real passion. Find your passion and you will know why you are here on this planet.