Changing My Hip Hop Point of View


One television show I really enjoy to watch is Adam Ruins Everything. In this show the host Adam uses facts to make you see things differently. These facts are quoted on screen for anyone who desires to fact check. I love these types of shows because there is no slant and the truth of racism to corruption is exposed in an entertaining way. So recently he had a show ruining art, this show expressed how high end art dealers is a price fixing scam to means of washing money. Yet it was when he begun speaking about how famous artists reach that level with plagiarism as well as small circles of people controlling art that peaked my interest. To the point that it has shifted my stance on certain things.


When Adam mentioned that a small group of people control what art becomes popular and explains the effect seeing/hearing something constantly has on you expressed some theorys I have expressed for years. As badly as the industry wishes to express that payola is no longer a thing the numbers simply don’t add up. In this day and age where more people do music than ever how is it that all the radio stations are on one accord playing simular playlists? Also Adam gave us the clinical term for what I have labeled as brainwashing for years. Basically the more you hear something the more likely you will end up liking it which connects to my theory of radio playing the same music. In the case of music the small group in control are the majoy record labels who have the financing to promote music world wide and the connections to get bulk discounts. Also when you factor in that I personally know a musician who paid a kings ransom to get a song played in rotation which brought him a record deal. It all comes together as common sense but maybe now people will believe me now that Adam said it sadly.

I am the type of music critic that desires new original music at all times. This is because I hear a lot of the same music based on popular instrumentals to underground producers to go along with a lack of creative lyricism. Yet this episode of Adam ruin everything exposed that many of the “greatest artists” in history got their start by copying everyone else. Basically they would remix their favorite artists with their own twists and gain notoriety with such. True original art us really rare as everyone is just improving or updating what previous people have done. This is how Hip Hop has operated for a while. Take Desiigner who is a carbon copy of Future, Big K.R.I.T. definitely was the next Pimp C, acts like The Migos are merely next generation snap music. So when I see songs like Bodak Yellow from Cardi B emerge it isn’t much of a surprise anymore that they take off.


After obtaining this knowledge have changed my way of seeing the music industry. This is important because if you aren’t applying the new knowledge you gain then you will begin to be trapped in outdated beliefs. I can no longer be as hard on people who sound like other acts because there are too many examples of this working for people. For years I have known that record labels purposely seek out individuals who specifically sound like others. Not for competition because there is none in the highest level of this game but more to maximize the profits. This also changes my point of view when it comes to emerging acts and what helps them reach stardom outside of the backing from a major. All simply food for thought.