One misconception that people believe is attaining funds will keep them from experiencing racism. This is completely untrue as we see constantly people who has amassed both wealth and stardom get treated as the rest of us are treated. Therefore you should never buy the lie that classism is the problem that america has. If that were true then many athletes and celebrities would be able to escape the harrassment but they are in the same boat. So this is why it is necessary that as a people we must defend each other because we are specifically opressed unlike any other people in the world.

If money were the thing to get people out of racism then why is it that a poor white racist can park in Dr. Dre’s driveway and get Dr. Dre handcuffed by police? Yes Dr. Dre who is well on his way to being a billionaire got harassed by police because someone was on his property. Hows about international sensation Wyclef? Why is it he gets the same harrassment that I recieve across the country? Not long ago he was handcuffed and told he looks like an armed robbery suspect as if they didn’t know who he was. When I am randomly out and about police do that same thing to me. If you think being an athlete is any different then look no further than Colin Kaepernick. At the time this article was written he was being passed over for quarterback jobs in free agency by lesser talent. In his career Colin Kaepernick had 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions while Mark Sanchez who signed with the bears has 86 touchdowns and 86 interception in with being in the nfl for two more years. If he isn’t signed based on performance or being wealthy what keeping him from being a quarterback for 2017?

Just because you are allowed to having money or you are famous doesn’t mean you are accepted. This is a mistake people like oj simpson, bill cosby, to Michael Jackson has made. They distanced themselves from the black community because they had money and white friends but we all know how that turned out. Yes I mean allowed to have money because even if you earned every dollar it all can be taken away. Think about it, they took the cosby show off the air because of unproveable 40 year allegations from women with a history of lying. Oj simpson was arrested because he took back what was stolen from him, yet everyone knows it was revenge for being innocent of of the murder of his ex wife. The examples go on and on but the common denominator is that black people no matter how famous or wealthy can be torn down because the system of white supremacy effects us all.

The moral to this story is that having money doesn’t make you equal in america. People will tell you how classism is the “real injustice” and that is all game. Those who say such wants you to ally with them for their issues just so they can discard you and discriminate after the fact. Too many times black people have stood for others issues but once that movement gained anything then black people get nothing. Look at the so called feminist movement. They only included black women as a means to piggyback off the Civil Rights Movement and made those black women march in the back. Once these white women got what they wanted they discarded black women because that movement was never for them. Injustice to racism goes way deeper than the accumulation of wealth and it is time you wake up to it.