Clothing Malfunctions

Understand that as an entertainer when you go out to these premier award shows like the Oscars and Grammys then you become a billboard with how you dress. People actually watch these shows to see what those with fame are dressing and it influences buying habits. Therefore many are paid to dress using certain brands which is why in interviews they always tend to say the designer of their clothes. Keep in mind that a lot of these clothes are custom made just for that one day without experience for ware and tear leading to malfunctions at the absolute worst possible times. Once you become a superstar on this level then it can happen to you.

For designers such events that have their clothing as the spectacle are more about promotion for their styles than comfort or durability for those wearing the clothes. Sure having their clothes fall apart is really bad but what would be worse is not being impressive so they make decisions based on whats important for their company. This is how your image can become collateral damage because we all know how the media and internet will use such an occasion. These types of stories never die and the people eat this crap up leaving many too embarrassed to walk outside their own homes.

Clothing malfunctions happen and women in particular tend to show more than they desire to the cameras. There is really no avoiding it unless you simply don’t go to such events. Really this is a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t part of the entertainment industry because if you are too conservative about your clothes to these shows then the media will turn on you still as worst dressed. If a clothing malfunction happens to you then you can’t allow it interfere with your progress. Sure it will be embarrassing but it is a lot like my previous article where I wrote about when you make an ass out of yourself. You must understand that shit happens and how you deal with it is how far it will ruin you. If you rebound immediately and can take the jokes then you will be okay.

The moral to this story is that clothing malfunctions happen and when the media makes a big deal out of it, you shouldn’t. This has happened to many people that have come before you and will continue to happen to those who come after you. It isn’t the end of the world and you must be strong enough to dust it off your shoulder as if it never happened. When you are constantly asked about it never snap or become frustrated because that’s what they want. The media wants you to lose control and give them front page material on the gossip sites. Make light of it and continue to grind hard, understand that someone else is going to mess up eventually and the people will forget soon enough. Don’t let such things ruin your opportunities because you were embarrassed, in the grand scheme of things this shit means nothing.