It is extremely difficult to get other people with means to do things. Even if you pay them or offer an opportunity many people simply don’t put in the effort to do such. Keep in mind when you come to the table with the equivalence of a record deal when you yourself is notible then things will happen. Yet most of us aren’t in that position, we are merely trying to build from the ground and could use some kind of teamwork from people in the same position who who also benefit from such. What sucks is when you have an idea that everyone can grow with and you are willing to pay for such but it still doesn’t happen.

Here is the reality that I have been learning for a while, people simply have no willingness to deal with people on equal to lesser footing. If someone of higher status comes calling then they are quickly going to go out of their way to please them. While when someone is on a lower status but is willing to both pay and work their way up, they are ignored. Whats funny is that many people who aren’t even on the highest level are the ones who feel this way. I could see if someone is begging for you to show them love but when they actually come with money and an idea for everyone to gain then why do you do nothing?

Many people ask me why is it I don’t do many collaborations with other youtube reviewers and now you have your answer. It is not from lack of trying as I have put some money aside specifically for such. It is more of a lack of communication from these people. And keep in mind I understand what it is like to be busy, I end up checking close to 100 tweets and emails a day and it does backup from time to time. Yet anyone will tell you that I respond much quicker than everyone. Miss me with the whole you get too many messages to respond excuse because I could use that too. Instead I dedicate time out of my day and hit people back for every potential opportunity. One day when these hundreds of messages turn into thousands then I will hire an assistant because the work that comes from it will pay for that position. People just simply could care less about the money they could make working with people as they focus on chasing famous acts.

The moral to this story is to know that these days it is difficult to pay someone to promote yourself. Very few people actually respond to direct messages even when you are handling all the heavy lifting. This is why I haven’t been featured on many top channels on youtube even as I have made an effort to reach out. Often I feel that I should just spam messages until they respond but I know that doesn’t work and that I am in a position where I shouldn’t have to. I am not massive in this game but I am proven and consistent. My body of work should speak for itself and people should reach out to me but I still go out of my way. Either way I am doing what I need to grow so things will eventually happen so I am not tripping but this game is crazy.