Completing A Thought


One thing I have realized is that people love to start a new project much more than finishing the past. The problem with this is you fall into a cycle of never finishing anything and never accomplishing any goal you set for yourself. Yes the excitement of doing something new is what makes life exciting but it doesn’t make you successful. People who do things people aren’t willing to are usually the ones who find consistent work or success. So your follow through is maybe more important than your ambition to start because few people actually complete things that you aren’t paid for.

This is one thing you will see all the time with people who want to succeed at the music industry. They will create an album, mixtape, or any body of music with the aspirations to find success. The problem is that music is the easy part, things like promotion to sales are what will make or break your path. Sadly most people will ignore the grind and decide to start another project. What is the point in recording more if you did nothing with the first project? This is how people record tons of songs and are never known for music on their own block, let alone their entire city. Your excitement to create something new is now being used against you.

If you start something you will have to finish it on every level. Not only will you need to complete the artistic side but also the business side if you hope to find mass success. Understand that everything has enjoyable aspects if you give it a chance. Most people hate hitting the streets giving away music and talking to people but I been there. It isn’t bad once the people begin to recognize you and want to speak with you. Also when they enjoy your music it gives you the motivation to keep moving forward. Another thing people shy away from is the business side of music where you need to learn record contracts to building connections. It seems to be tedious work but I tend to find pleasure in finding out how I will be paid, I don’t know about you. Before you start another project understand nothing is finished until you got through this.

The moral to this story is to complete a thought before you move on to the next. It is shockingly easy to fall into a cycle of doing absolutely nothing. The excitement of starting a new journey gets people caught up and never actually chasing a dream. In this life you must be versitile enough to see one throught all the way through to the end or you will never get there. You can find pleasure in the tedious sides of the game if you give it a chance. There are too many people going nowhere by doing too much, don’t be one of them.