Correctly Using Emotions


For years I have spoken on how anger and other emotions shouldn’t be the basis to your desire to succeed in the music industry. This is because the amount of time it may take to earn your route before catching a break can burn you out if you rely on such emotions. Yet that doesn’t mean these emotions don’t have a place or can help your drive if used in limited bases correctly. We are not machines so everything we do will have some kind of emotion attached and you can use this in your favor to drive forward. Just keep in mind you will still need to think logically.


So recently I have been in talks with people to help promote my channel, I won’t name them but simply these talks all collapsed due to differences in opinions. Now this really angers me still to this day because it seemed to be my right place at the right time moment. Considering their excuses to not allow me to even pay for an opportunity was something I exposed as false, it further expresses my frustration. This anger unchecked can have some serious consequences. I could fall in a cycle like many attempting to “prove people wrong” making a series bad financial investments. I could up the price and give them a offer they can’t refuse but not get enough value in return. One person told me I sould start a beef and use it but that again is being emotional about business. I don’t absolutely need these people and these pawns still will have some use to them so no need to sacrifice them now.


This recent disappointment actually fueled my creativity. It was coincidence that the day after I got the news I won’t get the promotion I wanted is when my homies tour begun. I often help him behind the scenes and I took the trip to Raleigh NC. That trip provided me time to speak out my emotions and strategize which got my creative mind flowing again. It isnt very often when I get ideas but on this day I didn’t sleep because of an abundance of them. No coincidence that my anger to go along with being around people I can bounce ideas off end with a productive brainstorm session. By the time this article is posted these ideas will be paying dividends. Basically I channeled my emotions and instead of making a drastic move too quickly I came up with new unique ideas.


The moral to this story is emotions are dangerously powerful. If you allow them to dictate your moves then you can burn yourself out, burn bridges that you could use, etc. Yet if you channel those emotions correctly then you can use them to your advantage. Take an artist for example, often their lives are a mess no matter the amount of luxuary they live in. It is the pain and struggle that drives their music to be better but it must be properly managed or you get someone who crumbles in the limelight. Don’t act on your emotions until figure the most logic move to make as that same emotion will help you find that path.