Cutting People Off


There comes a point where you will need to cut off your friends. I understand how we love to give people multiple chances but if someone doesn’t respect your friendship then it can become dangerous for you. When crime is commmitted it is usually someone close to you that does it. So called friends and women who don’t have your best interest in mind are the ones who set you up to being robbed or worse. In the end having scandalous individuals around you with the ability to touch you is why these things happen. So it is your fault what ever comes your way when shady people get the better of you.

So lately we have seen Shannon Sharp and Ray Lewis, who were once teammates and still friends fued over the Colin Kaepernick protest. Yesterday Shannon Sharp announced how Ray Lewis gets death threats and people are petitioning to pull down his statue in Baltimore. The context of that conversation made it seem like Ray Lewis wasn’t deserving of such when that is not the case. For a very long time Ray Lewis has spewed anti black rhetoric on the behast of white supremacy as a shield. How he has said there is no such thing as police brutality, he deflects everything to “black on black crime in chicago”, his stance against Colin Kaepernick, etc. This man deserves redicule at the highest level and no sympathy. While Shannon Sharp has been the voice truth and justice breaking down social issues applied to the nfl to basic life. Of course these two people were going to clash eventually and as much as Shannon wants to defend his friend there is no going back. Eventually Shannon will learn there are simply types of people on paths that can’t coexist.

I remember long ago I had a friend I had to cut off. This friend and I found some success in music together but how we both delt with that success was the beginning of where we split. That individual started believing he was the hottest rapper to ever live and every song was dope while he did no sales or promotion. While I humbled myself to continue to learn things like engineering, mixing, promotion. We tried to coexist from a distance but ofcourse something happened that forced us to interact. An album was deleted from the hard drive and I was working at the time, therefore I recieved all the blame. Did I do it? Na. This is years later after no one really cares, if I did it I would have long ago stated such. Didn’t matter though this was the melting point of two people who couldn’t work together. I was wise enough to cut off the entire label and move forward in my path making me the most successful person to come out of that situation but I still have a long ways to go.

The moral to this story is that eventually there comes a point where you will have to cut off people who go down opposing paths. Doesn’t matter how close you are to that person, people who go against who you define yourself as will eventually conflict with you. We all hope to coexist but the reality is the more you are around such the more you open yourself up. If you are dealing with a grimey individual then that love you have for them will get you caught up. An individual is going to reap what they sow and that can come back on you. It is always best to be the person you desire to be and those around you that hinder that can be charged to the game.