One of the worst things a rapper can be is dependent on anything for success. Truth is nothing is reliable enough for you to earn long term success but your own work ethic. When you depend on other people to help you succeed you are in for a rough realization about life. See people don’t help you unless there is something in it for them and this will change as life goes on. Eventually if you are dependent on people then you will become useless in the music industry because it will cost more to help you than what people will get in return.

Rappers are too dependent on record labels to tell them they can go promote or that they can have a release date. The music industry is like a zoo, they like to search and capture wild animals that are dominating the environment in order to domesticate and profit off them. Yet when the animal becomes boring to them they begin hunting for replacements, becoming boring is the act of taking orders and being predictable. After an animal been in a zoo for so long the people stop going to see it because they seen it many times before and look for new animals. Would it surprise you that they would put the animal down if it cost more to feed it than the people it brings in off sales?

When you are born you are given all the tools you need to be successful in anything you desire. People believe you need money, connections, etc. from birth but the truth is all you need is your mind and work ethic to achieve in life. When you believe you need someone else to help you get anything then you already lost control of who you are. It is difficult to stand on your own but worth every year it takes to obtain because when you don’t need anyone to succeed then people will believe they need you. When you flip the dynamic you realize how much money you can make off those who believe they need you to do all they want to do.

The moral to this story is to stand on your own no matter what because you control your own fate. When you stand on your own people who are looking to rely on you will open up potential revenue streams because that is the game people with power play and those looking for short cuts to fame are willing to do anything. It is more difficult to be your own man than to rely on someone who has built success but when you are the world opens up to you in means that no one who relies can see.