Devil In the Details


I am sure you have heard the saying that the devil is in the details. There is nothing more true because it is the details where people get over on you. See people come to you with a dream giving you the broad strokes of a plan but never the full picture. People love to leave out the parts where they shouldn’t be in control or their conflicts of interest. Not knowing the entire plan allows people to get over on you without you even knowing until it is too late. Honestly your rivals will rely on you not knowing the details of a plan and you can’t be gullible enough to fall for such.

This is where having the patience and willing enough to understand is vital. Sadly people love to jump at an opportunity without thinking it through. Usually because it is tied to their hopes of getting money or fame so they are too anxious to sign something without knowing the full picture. Record labels will tell you that if you sign they can make you a star. When you begin to ask questions then they will tell you that you are about to sign a standard deal. Yet they never go into detail of these deals, they are playing off your dreams and your fear that this deal will fall apart. Those details include how the money is divided, how much of the music do you own, the actual duties of the record label, etc. These are key details you need to know and enforce if you hope to get out the game with a dime.


Here are the simple things you must understand before you go into any deal. What is it that these people are offering you? What is it that you must do in order to get what they are offering? How is the money being made (if any) and how is it going to be divided? How can this deal fall apart? It is also very key to learn what these people are doing on their end so you can one day do it yourself without them but that comes later. Once you know this then you will be qualified to be able to sign a deal, sadly you don’t need to be qualified to sign anything.


The moral to this story is to gather an understanding before you sign anything. This is why corporate mergers take forever. Each corporation has their lawyers go through all the financials of each and hammer out the detail of how life will be once they sign the papers. These people are very calculating with everything and you should be too. If you are lucky enough to recieve a record deal understand that this is your life, it isn’t something to take lightly.