Dick Riders

The lengths that dick riders would go for their favorite artist always entertains me. Recently someone being upset about a Tech N9ne video I posted said they would flag, dislike and report my video for the “real og mr. n9ne”. I guess they thought that would do more than humor me but sadly they were mistaken. I bet anything by the time this article releases no such thing would have happened but it is funny to think about this. This guy talks as if he is willing to go above and beyond anything he has ever done for himself in some kind of defense for one of the most successful independent artists of all time.

What kills me about dick riders is that they would never put as much effort into anything that they do. If this dick rider actually put that kind of effort in his own music or own business then they would be more than an internet troll. Honestly they wouldn’t have time to go around and complain for people (he doesn’t know) for some unknown reason. People just can’t accept their favorite rapper released sub par music so they go above and beyond to try to prove it to themselves. I see these types of fans in Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Tech N9ne fan bases the most. Not all of course but when ever I post a critical video on these artists in comes a flood of dick riding messages.

It is as if dick riding brings out peoples inner hustle more than the desire to succeed. If you were hell bent on proving yourself to the world more than proving someone else’s music then there would be room for growth. I guess grinding involves the same type of desire but dick riding is just on the opposite end of the spectrum because it has no positive effect for the individual. Being a fan of a musician isn’t a bad thing but when you do more for that person than you do for yourself and crossover from fan to dick rider then there is a huge problem. That amount of effort you put in while getting nothing in return is pointless but people do it constantly.

The moral to this story is for dick riders to wake up. The amount of effort you are putting in for artists who don’t know you or care for you is really stupid. You can use that time, effort, and desire to build yourself something valuable instead of waste it on people who don’t care. Fans make the music go round and without you this business wouldn’t exist but there are limitations that you must live with. People jumping over the call of duty for fans is when songs like Eminem’s I am get created, you get called dick riders, etc. Enjoy the dope music but always realize not every song is a hit, not everyone’s opinion will be the same, and dick riding gets you nowhere.