No matter what you decide to do with your life there will always be distractions. They are life’s tests that question how serious you really are. And you can’t merely pass this test and not be bothered again; they will consistantly arrive forever.

Isn’t it strange that whenever you decide to date someone there is always someone else that desires you? Where were they when you were alone?  How about when you try to go to sleep at a better time, why is it something good always comes on television? These are simple and common distractions that can throw anyone off track.

You must be prepared because distrractions are comming as soon as you dedicate yourself to anything. But these diversions lead to nowhere. If you give in to short-lived gratification that counteracts your long-term goal you end up where you began. Distractions are what make discipline so difficult. Sadly most people don’t have the will power to overcome temptation for a lifetime of good work.

In rap the temptations are magnified. Not only do you have the option of the best looking women the world has to offer but every other pleasure is at your fingertips. Those pleasures are only there for as long as you are hot and for most that isn’t very long. There are many that allowed the distractions from a short-lived fame ruin the rest of their lives. Drugs and fast women are looked upon as the life but is also known to be addictive and drain your life away. Once you lose focus on what you are doing music for, you lose focus on working to keep your music good.

There is no way you can know how you will react to distractions until they happen. It is ok to have fun but it is a slippery slope, once you begin detrimental actions they snow ball into losing control. I’m not Ghandi, in fact I’m sure I will fold to numerous distractions but that will never take away my work ethic. This is because I have been doing this for so long I can’t function right without writing. Once what you desire becomes part of your daily grind for years it becomes difficult to give up and I am banking on that to keep me a float.

Moral to this story is if you make it so you have to work to get better then I believe the distractions will not take you under. We all fall for temptations but be wise about your actions because they can cost you more than you know.