Freshman Class ’15 Special

@KwameKatana is probably the most likely of this years list to succeed in the music industry. Potent lyricism to go on top of awesome promotion makes this York, PA native into an absolute favorite of mine. Not only did he release the best mixtape of last year but has been doing the radio circuit as well as filming his own videos. He personifies the grind and skill that underground rappers need to have to build their own.

@EverythingEzzy is one of the most polished emcees you will come across with excellent lyricism. I first heard of this Ohio native with his freestyle on Sway in the morning (shown above). He killed that so much that it forces you to seek out his original material (shown above). Once I heard that he can not only be super lyrical but also create excellent tracks he was no doubt going to make this list. He is on another level and honestly should have made the freshman class this year.

@Mac__910 is maybe the most honest but lyrically potent emcee I have come across. He delivers the pain that he goes through and gives out on the daily in a truly unapologetic manner. His project Memoirs of a B.L.A.C.K. Sheep gives you raw substance that the commercial industry is missing. M.A.C. has mastered his delivery and is true to himself in a manner we could only wish others could be. What is crazy is that he is currently residing in my city Charlotte, NC. Eventually I am going to catch up with that man.

@IamLegacy931 is a very skilled emcee that once you hear him, within seconds you know he is special. This Nashville talent knows quality music, makes excellent songs, and show maximum potential. All he needs is the promotional push and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him rise among his peers building his own fan base. His Moment of Truth mixtape is easily the best to release so far this year and the sky is the limit for him.

@Burga321 has been grinding for a while. I actually met him in person years ago in Tampa Bay at a Hip Hop award show. He was giving away his mixtape at the time and out of a raw stack of close to 100 his was the only one that stood out. This was a while before I decided to become a mixtape reviewer but to my surprise he was still going heavy by the time I started.  He has long sense evolved musically into more of a complete act. He is only missing the promotion to reach a high level of success.