XXL Freshman Class 2014 Special

Welcome back to my freshman class series. This year we have 5 more artist that I have confidence will make the leap from underground and relatively unknown to having a buzz in this game. Each of these artists have the talent and some of the others already have the grind that will propel them in due time. I recommend everyone to take the time to listen to these artists, I have their mixtapes streaming next to an explanation to why they made my list and who they are.

1) @DoughBeezy

Doughbeezy is maybe the most certain of those who made this list that will see the music industry. He is a Houston, TX rapper that creates the classic Houston style but yet he is lyrically on another level than all the rest. He is very consistent with the quality songs to the very potent punchlines he delivers on a consistent basis. Listen to one song and you will wonder why he isn’t on the national level right now. He is definitely going to the jump real soon and I am glad I heard of him before then.


2) @LaniceLondon

Lanice London Philly rapper and is also the first female emcee to ever make my mixtape reviews. Too many women focus on sexuality more than developing core skills but that is far from Lanice. She is extremely polished and has plenty things to say. To be honest she has more skills than most dudes I have reviewed in the past. This mixtape is completely solid as she displayed her skills and shows us how passionate she is with this craft.


3) @Dussume

Moe is a New Orleans rapper that definitely earned his way onto this list. The mixtape streaming below is part 4 of his Is Anybody Listening series but I have been following him since the first. In the beginning he did nothing but instrumentals in which can’t be marketed and are done by so many others that they are pointless. From that point he developed into being inconsistent with original music to releasing awesome full bodies of work. With the right promotion and enough time he will make a dent and build a career for himself.


4) @ItzDubb

Dubb is a Los Angeles rapper that I also have followed for a while. I am rather confident in Dubb’s rise because he is already beginning to get the co-sign from others. I see he is being featured all over the place and getting the recognition on the west coast. There comes a point when you are seen so often that the writing is on the wall. Yet don’t get it twisted he isn’t a rapper that just has promotion, he processes the talent deserving of such recognition. As long as he keeps pushing he is going to succeed.


5) @UnlearnTheWorld

Unlearn is a Conscious styled New York rapper. This selection may seem to be based on favoritism but I assure you it isn’t (I never play favoritism). For those who don’t know I have carried his podcast on this very website in which when he brings it back from hiatus I will carry it again. Unlearn is one of two people who have made my mixtape review multiple times and that is a difficult thing to do, basically he made the best mixtape out of around 200 mixtapes twice and that is damn impressive. To go along with his grind he is an obvious choice of being someone on the way up.