Emotions Over Logic


One thing that I have come to realize is that people will say anything when they have their heart set on the emotional triggers. When people dislike or like you it goes beyond reasoning at a point and many wont be able to explain when questioned about it. Many of these people have difficulty explaining themselves to begin with but when they get emotionally attached all reasoning is thrown out the window. From that point they are doing things just to do them as the reasoning has been forgotten. This is the dangerof human nature because it can be used in multiple ways.

This is the same concept behind the culture of revenge. Revenge is a product of the emotion anger and once it is triggered it often losses all reasoning but stilll exists. Look at gang culture, usually wars start because someone killed another. After that retailation comes into play as people go after those who wronged them. That retailation may lead to people dying that had nothing to do with the original issue. Therefore vengence becomes a circle death where people don’t even really remember why they hate a certain group of people. The emotion of hate and attempting to protect yourself takes over where logic no longer applies.

The opposite end of the spectrum applies aswell. People will love an individual but ultimately that emotion over shadows why. Look at when Gucci Mane wen to jail for an extended amount of time. At that point people went on with the “Free Gucci” campaign. This has been done on multiple occasions where Hip Hop as a collective speak out for freeing an individual from prison. It got to the point people forgot what he did to land himself in jail. Also forgot that he isn’t that good of a rapper, something he quickly reminded people the moment he got out of prison. It was a production of the emotion love that became popular thing to do.

The moral to this story is to know how powerful emotions actually are. Emotions go beyond logic and people will follow them well after the reasoning for actions have long been forgotten. People fall into cycles claiming the reasoning behind such is because that is how things always been. When you look at it like this you see the pointlessness of it all but I am sure if you look into your own life you will find things that you do merely because. This is why knowing history is so important so you won’t get caught up in cycles with no ending.