Experience is something more valuable than people percieve. It is typically the difference between longevity and short lived success. This is the knowledge of what it takes to survive and to take what you desire earned by mistakes and researching. Without experience things tend to crumble and this is why there is a such thing as having too much too soon. Only experience can teach you the way this world works, that experience could be from your elders or your own time but in the end it is the key. Hopefully you will learn before it is too late to use this experience in the window of opportunity you have.


What is experience? It is the amount of knowledge you have in a particular field that you can rely on to guide you in the right direction. The more you work in that particular field the more knowledge you will attain. Experience isn’t something you see or can physically measure but if you wish to have results in life then it is mandatory to have. When you do something constantly then you learn the ins and outs of everything. Those with experience will begin to create better means of doing their job, spot traps from a mile away, find opportunities that no one can see yet, know how scenerios will end before they even start, etc. These qualities are priceless and absolutely needed for what is to come.


There are only a three ways to attain experience. The first means is trial and error. This is the most costly of such because you will pay for having a hard head. We all hope the world works in a fair and honest way but anyone experienced in life will tell you fair has nothing to do with it. It comes down to taking advantage of opportunities and making the right decisions for what you want. Without that knowledge you would take unnecessary losses to get to places that the other means of attaining knowledge could have gotten you to faster. The second means would be researching. In this day and age this is maybe the easiest to accomplish but still requires a thinking mind. There are so many tutorials online to do any number of things that you can attain experience anytime. The problem is a lot of disinformation out there. You must be able to filter through the books to videos done with agendas and exercise the proper information consistent enough to build experience. And the final means would be from others. This is usually the job of your elders, they must mold and show you the proper means of being a success in life. Yes most do a terrible job of this but there are many people who has lived what you want and can show you the way.


The moral to this story is to know that experience is needed. If you want to avoid the common pitfalls and find your own path towards a goal there is no substitute. Without experiece you learn the hard way and that costs you time and funds. You can always rebuild your funds but the time wasted can never return. I have said this a lot over my years of writing, time is your most precious commodity. You will never get it back once you lose it. Therefore you should build your experience by better means. In the end all you have is your experience and your gut feelings to determine what moves to make in life. The more experienced you are the better your results will be, so take the time to learn or you will cost yourself a future.