False Moral High Ground

One thing that is really annoying is how people attempt to take the “moral high road” when they themselves have no right to do so. See people will slander others in an attempt to make themselves look better but if you look into their background there is always something. It overall is an attempt to get favor points with society but to those who have no concept of their history. Everyone wants to play saint when it convenient for them instead of keeping things real and that phony crap turns people on them. Personally I prefer you keep it real with me so I can determine how I want to deal with you than you lying in an attempt to capture my attention.


There are many examples of this out there right now. For example take Vanessa Satten, editor of XXL Magazine whos credibility continues to be diminished. She claims that Famous Dex was excluded because he beat his girlfriend. I am not here to defend his actions instead I am here to give you the facts. How could you claim that high road when you put XXXtentacion on the same cover? Did he not beat a pregnant woman? Her selective reasoning shows alterior motive as if she was throwing Dex under the bus to sell papers. Lets also look at John Mara owner of the Giants NFL team. He spoke about Colin Kaepernick explaining why they would never sign him by saying people would boycott. The same team who signed Josh Brown who abused his wife multiple times while signed to the team. So was ok for violence but not none violent protest?


Here is the thing, when I listen to underground rappers and offer advice I never go from a high road direction. I acknowledge that I too need to improve and get better, I am in the same boat as all these other acts. Honestly I have learned so much based on other people’s path in pursuit and being in the music industry. Therefore I am never going to take the high road on anyone. Whether you accept my experiences or not is on you but I won’t judge you or the moves you made to benefit my own public image. This is key to being more relatable and letting people know where you stand. It is those who put up a false facade that makes people dedicate time to break it down.


The moral to this story don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. People want to pretend to be better than they are in order to have an image but all that crumbles to the truth. When you attempt to use such to discredit others then those people will seek that truth to break you. That holyier than thou attitude leads to nothing but pain as those you decide to alienate start to grow in power. Understand we are all sinners trying to do better and you are no better.