False Opportunities

Anyone trying to come up will come to realize that there are many false opportunities that will come to you.  A false opportunity is an improbable chance to achieve heights that you have always dreamed about.  That fact about these are they are not opportunities really they take away your opportunities.  For the youth it is inescapable to chase after these but as you mature it becomes inexcusable for you to continue to chase after these pipe dreams.  You must realize what is not going to work and to not do it, as simple as that sounds trust me it’s difficult.

Con artists like to prey on your strong desire to find success by giving you false opportunities.  The saying is that a thief is forced out of town when he is found out but a con artist leaves town on his free will.  This is because a con artist gives you the blame and hope that you can do better next time.  When a person comes to you saying how if you pay to perform at their event that will have A&Rs or whatever in the audience you have to look at it logically.  Even if there are A&Rs they are not going to sign anyone, even if there are artists headlining you could meet they meet artists at every show, and even if there are tons of people to perform in front of most likely you will only see them once if you don’t have a marketing plan. 

False opportunities take away time and money that you need to do your music business right.  Some people do these false opportunities so they leave no stone unturned but it is really a waste that will come back to haunt you.  As I always say you never will have enough money when trying to build a record company so you have to stretch every dollar; so falling for these traps is very costly to your future. 

Look at it like Hollywood and the shady shit that goes down out there.  Young kids flock out there every day with hope of becoming a movie star or something and people take advantage.  I’m sure you have heard of the casting couch; that shit is for real.  Both girls and boys are exploited sexually off the hopes that people who seem to be in position to extend their career will help them out.  Do not fall for lesser versions of that tactic in the music business.