Fearing Expansion


One thing I realized people fear is the expansion to do things bigger. People get into their comfort zone no matter if it is winning or losing. So when the opportunity arrises to do things on a higher level they keep themselves from attempting. This is how people stay in the same place for years and never end up reaching the top level. Understand that when you refuse to advance then it is a form of settling and over the years I have said if you are progressing then you are falling behing because life only moves forward. Standing still just means you fall behind slightly slower.


So recently an event that I have been helping out with has announced that they would be going on tour. Thus far we have been to Raleigh Durham, Atlanta, and Charlotte in which each has been been solid. Coming from where we are from this is a big thing because together we can’t name anyone who has actually gone on tour that we came up with. Not that there hasn’t been the opportunity, see there were a ton of people who had talent that were buzzing a bit in our city but never popped. In a lot of cases they settled for the local club scene and then fell off the map completely. Instead of getting everything they claimed they tasted success and got full.


There is always risk associated with expansion and yes being too aggressive can cost you if things don’t go correct. This is what scares people into settling because they are pleased with whatever notoriety they have attained even if it is far from their claims of mass success. Yet what is the point of doing anything if you aren’t going to attempt to push to the next level? You will not always be given the perfect deal that can push you higher. This is why you must push yourself and never stop until you have it all. Even if you lose it all understand that if you built it once then you can build it again.


The moral to this story is to not fear when the opportunity to advance arises. If you fold then you will never know how far you could have gone. I understand the fear that you can lose everything attempting to expand but you could always build it again. Opportunity only comes but so often and you should go with the flow once it comes. Never settle for anything less and never fear the risk involved with chasing dreams.