Features Dont Work

One thing rappers firmly believe is that getting a big name feature will put you on but this is far from true. Even if you murder your verse and show your dominance over the best in the game it wont mean anything. Sure it would be a solid track but never forget the music isn’t the reason why these people are successful. Sure some people will be more open to listening to it but at the end of the day everything rests on promotion. That money you use on big names needs to be spent more wisely because all the co signs in the world isn’t going to build your fan base for you.

Here is the thing, everyone is merely looking for an easy rise and that’s why features are so desired. People hope that the fame of these people will cross over somehow with features and cosigns so they are willing to pay any price. The problem with this train of thought is if that were true then everyone that Jay Z or any other famous rapper has ever shouted out would have had a career. Top rappers in their prime have created record labels where everyone under them never see half the success that they have had. Therefore these features are overpriced and overrated, sure its nice to have if you can get it for the low but ultimately it isn’t the thing that will make or break you.

Fan bases are what makes an artist a success in this industry. These are the people who actively search for new music to buy from you, show up at your performances, and support you out of sheer belief in your ability. Having big name features may open some ears to you that normally wouldn’t but it doesn’t ensure anything. Is paying 50k plus really worth a chance at getting people to listen to you? Instead I would put that same 50k into better promotion finding people who don’t need to be told who to like by famous rappers.

The moral of this story is if you aren’t relying on your hard work to build an audience then you are lost. Don’t over pay for features because fans don’t really transition over from one artist to another based on one song. For example I remember when people who didn’t follow mixtapes first heard of J Cole on the Blueprint 3. A ton of people liked everyday a star is born but those same people forgot who he was by the time Sideline Story dropped. Thankfully for him he was put on that track and didn’t have to pay anything, also he built his own fan base from dope mixtapes so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Stop looking for a fast way to build your notoriety and put in the daily work.