Feminization of Men

This article can be seen as purely speculative but anyone who follows the music industry should be able to see the truth in this. The music industry has complete power over the commercial radio stations so the music you hear daily is no coincidence. So I ask you why the music is consistently bad when you have the power to sell any record. Many people think it is all in an effort to sell millions of records but if you notice the stats, the vast majority of albums never get there but yet that changed nothing. Obviously there are alternative motives for why music is so bad.

One alternate motive is to further the strategic feminization of men. America in the 50s and 60s didn’t have a booming economy because women didn’t have the power to buy everything they wanted. The husbands had all the power over finances back then and the majority of them made sound decisions and never spend big money on vices. Then the American government stepped in with television and radio style brainwashing to weaken that control, now men don’t run their own relationships. Think about it, name a show on cable where the male doesn’t cater to women and not completely sissified.

Today’s music industry is along the same lines, do you think its coincidence that Lil Wayne got the buzz he got when is wore the women leg ins? I like Lil B but by wearing lipstick, calling himself a bitch, and by naming his album I’m Gay he plays off the machine that ruins music. These actions have resulted in kids going to school wearing these items as if they were cool. A feminized man isn’t natural and women desire a strong man to give them direction but this is why many women are now claiming bi sexual status.

Moral to this story is don’t be gullible enough to join a style that is being promoted to you every day. The powers that be know what they are doing and they have the power to alter your life if you allow it. What you see on television or hear on the radio should not describe who you are, your life should. Also fathers need to protect children instead of leave because those are the minds being taken advantage of the most. Commercial music is garbage for a reason and to sell isn’t one of them, think and read to know the truth.