Finding Your Voice


Finding your voice is an important step towards progression in anything you do. For years I have spoken about finding your own lane and providing content that people need but don’t know it yet. But you could have that and still present that content in the wrong means. Understand that the word works much like high school classes work. People are supposed to want to learn but the truth is kids just want entertainment while they barely get by day in and out. Therefore there is a large gap you could fall in, having good content but not being entertaining enough to captivate a large audience. This is where finding your voice is key.


Think back to your high school days. What was worse than the teacher calling on the kid who could barely read to do a chapter in english? Regardless of how interesting the book was this would put the straight A student to sleep. I remember when I first learned this back in the day. Class had a presentation inroducing yourself where you needed to interview a family member. To keep peoples attention I made jokes and made up an interview with my aunt. I quoted the movie Friday, asking my aunt what is it you don’t like about me most? “Everytime I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. Eating up all the food. All the chicken, all the corn bread, I like yams”. The kids who didn’t care were now locked in to everything I said. That was my voice to do the homework but put a twist on it that would intrigue the class.


If you are a stand up comedian you could have the funniest jokes the world has seen but if you deliver them wrong you will get crickets. You need to sound funny and properly set up your jokes in order to get people interested enough to listen to you. Much like as a rapper you need to sound like you have skill or fit with their sound in order for this generation to give you a chance to begin with. That is called finding your voice, when you say things in an intriguing manner without even trying. How you work on such is first become comfortable in what ever it is you do. From there experiment with different styles until you find the correct pieces for you that affect the people you want to speak to. Your formula must first be entertaining to those you what you support you, the rest is really up to you on whether you want to be informative or not.

The moral to this story is that you must find your voice. No matter what you do if you can’t appeal with an audience based on your delivery then you are lost. You could have the best punchlines, most in depth content, ect but if you dont appeal to people on the surface level then no one will care. As a rapper you must sound like a good rapper, sounds weird but there are plenty quality rappers that simply don’t entertain when that is your first job.