Focus on Your Lane


We have all seen someone in particular who lucked up and obtained something that most people want yet mess it up. This is one of the most frustrating things to watch because you feel as though you would have played your hands much better. Yet this is one of those moments where you need to focus on your own path because there is nothing to be had here but frustration. Life really just happens like this, in many occasions it is the unprepared amateur who gets the opportunity over the experienced veteran and it hardly ever goes right. Yet all you can do is shake your head and keep moving forward.

All too often I have seen people attain popularity for doing something random. They have no idea about marketing and grinding one step at a time but none of that matters. These occasions makes it impossible for people to know what they need to do in order to succeed at anything. How can you tell someone that hard work pays off when there are examples of people who never did anything in their lives reaping the benefit of what you desire? This is why those comparisons are best left alone. Real talk is this life isn’t fair, some people will get the opportunities others wont no matter the skill it takes. This doesn’t mean to become frustrated, instead this puts more of a focus on you.

How can you win a race when you are more focused on the other racers in your vision than taking the race one step at a time? Yes there will always be a lil yachty who by no means understands what he is part of nor is he equiped for longevity but how does that effect you? Yes kodak black is a terrible act who fills himself with delusions of grandeur but you cant compare your story to theirs. Their success doesn’t validate you because you feel as if you are better, you have to prove it on a grand stage by building your own buzz. These people tend to be given golden opportunities and waste it on non sense because longevity happens only for the prepared.

The moral to this story is to not let these weak emcees get to you that are out here in the music industry. See people love to believe there is some kind of skill level to obtain in order to achieve a record deal but that is wishful thinking. In the world of music all you need is enough notoriety or the right connection to get a shot. Therefore your train of thought that you are superior to someone to validate deserving success is not justified. For that to be so there would need to be a standard that labels are maintaining. Let me remind you these are the people who put out the likes of Vanilla Ice to Soulja Boy and still believe those to be successful stories. Forget the pride and comparisons, go out and take whats yours.