For Justice


Are you willing to give up something you love in order for the greator good of your survival? This is something that my people, black americans, have lost over the years. This is one key factor in how weak we of a people have become. Sadly many of our people won’t give up getting their hair done by asians because nationwide they have been beating the breaks off black women. We may boycott buying from white america for one day but the next day buy up everything that you would have the next day. This is why no one gives a damn about your march or boycott. Back in the day Martin Luther King Jr led a boycott for an entire year bringing people to their knees but we simply just aren’t that strong anymore.

People love to post up memes about how “we aren’t our ancestors signed these hands”. Stuff like that shows you are playing games as an ironic sense of humor is applied to such. Lets be real, we are no where near as strong as our ancestors who died in rebellions not just on slave ships but also on plantations. Later members of the black panthers who were specifically targeted by the govenment to MOVE who were bombed by the government. These people weren’t playing games while you are. We are the only people who will allow our children to be murdered and do nothing but beg a “justice” system that has never done such for us. No we aren’t our ancestors and that is the problem because many of them were strong enough to get us here.

Many of you don’t know that I am an avid football fan. I love to watch my Steelers play to the point I went to a game in DC last year and I also love to play fantasy football. Yet I am willing to let it go for justice. Our brother Colin Kaepernick is unlawfully being discriminated for taking a knee during the national anthem, exposing it for being as racist as it is. This brother is only 29 coming off a 16 touchdown 4 interception year on a terrible team. We have seen far less skilled quarterbacks get signed while he has been blackballed. Colin Kaepernick has given so much, not just symbolically but financially to our people. If he could do this then I can give up football. I will still play fantasy football this year but I am not going to watch any games until our brother is signed.

The moral to this story is that you will need to give up things you love for the greater good when the time calls. Me giving up football is a small step as I need to make a stronger attempt to seek out black businesses to support. Our ancestors gave their lives and weren’t fearful of prison in pursuit of justice. Think about Martin, Malcom, Rosa, etc all went to jail under felony charges. When these people have you fearful to get justice then it is all over. Justice obviously is something this country refuses to offer us so we must take it.