Freshman Class ’13

Back for another year of the freshman class series. What is amazing is that a member of last years freshman class Logic made this years XXL Freshman Class. Honestly it was an obvious choice and I’m happy that XXL wasn’t so blind to snub him. Allow me to brush the dirt off my shoulder for a second towards those who tend to say I don’t know what I’m talking about with music. Yet this doesn’t validate me, the work I put in listening to mixtapes is what validates me. Again I disagree with many choices for this years list but it is much better than last years. But with no further waiting here is your Freshman Class 2013:

GT Garza hands down released the best project last year.  If he continues grinding like he is doing now it will become impossible for people to deny him the XXL Freshman Class list in the near future. I am all but certain that his Houston style with polished skill is going to land him on top.

Phor is a very polished Chicago rapper that released a mixtape the day before Valentines Day. This project was one of the few times I have heard songs targeted towards women in such a manor that can be respected by the hardcore rap audience. Phor proves my point that if you have the skills it doesn’t matter the topic of the song or theme of the mixtape, they will shine through.

Brandon Bebe also known as B Dice is an interesting selection. For anyone who knows me, you know that I hate instrumentals but yet the mixtape that B Dice released was all instrumentals. So with this in mind how could this extremely talented Canadian have made this list? The answer is simple he understands promotion is everything and has used hard work with a very difficult grind to build his fanbase. He recorded 16 bars and released a video on Youtube for 365 days last year which earned him a decent fan base. Not very many can do that nor have the skill that he has to kill instrumentals and evolve them into his own music. Also he has original projects on the way in which I will keep people in tune with.

Willie Dutch is a very creative rapper who’s mixtape Mount Olympus could be considered an album. This mixtape is based on Greek Mythology about a rapper looking for help from the Gods to find his way. Not only was the story tight but also skillfully delivered  and intrigued me to learn about some Greek Mythology because before this mixtape I had no interest. The entire mixtape was based on this theme and gave very interesting background on the Gods he was speaking of. A great listen.

Jigg is a solid Miami rapper that excels at lyrics, flow, and overall song quality. His music is a more accurate depiction of the streets of Dade County than most of the music that comes out of there. Jigg has no issue expressing true emotions whether good or bad in a manor which very few actually can. He has an excellent ear for music and the skills to make them into classic material.