Freshman Class 2012

In light of the horrible Freshman Class that XXL have delivered I decided to create my own. This list is based solely on skill and hot songs; also this is only for the underground. To have made this list means that you had a mixtape review about you and your music has lasted on my mp3 player because of the fire you put down. This was very tough for me to compile because of the talent I reviewed over this past year but the very best deserve to be recognized. My intension is not to snub people but this is a list of 7 out of hundreds.

D Bridge Da Kid- quickly becoming one of my favorite rappers because of his raw skill and determination to get better. He is a Milwaukee rapper that I see superstar potential in if he maintains the course he set for himself.

Logic- very talented rapper from Maryland who creates what many call “real hip hop” music. Anybody who knows me, knows I can’t stand that shit but Logic is one of very few who pulls it off the way it should be done. This has earned my respect.

Jodi S- unique rapper from Philadelphia who has a flow relevant for this current generation but does it better than anyone the mainstream has to offer. Also with a terrific ear for music Jodi S has become a staple for me to play when ever I ride.

Bruce Dillon- skilled rapper from New Orleans who’s mixtape was a declaration that the city was now his. After listening to it over and over I had to agree. He is a total package and created a great mixtape I still ride to.

G Kel- very polished rapper from Dallas who’s flow wither sped up or slowed down is tremendous. His confidence while rhyming is unparalleled and he brings a great presence to any track he raps on.

Hop Da Great- rapper with a message of reality that is molded through fantastic tracks. Also he has a very unique voice that he has mastered so there will never be another person who will sound like him.

T Baby- Florida rapper who may not be the best lyrically or flow wise but uses what he has in combination with great sample production to create amazing music.