Freshman Class Special ’17

Welcome back to the freshman class special. I have been doing this particular show since 2012 with some of the acts chosin ended up becoming very popular acts right now. For example 2012 member Logic but over the years I have forseen the success of acts like Freddie Gibbs, Troy Ave (sadly), Los, Jon Connor, and more well before they have become signed or notible acts. I am happy to bring you my 2017 Edition of emcees.

  1. Toonz @ItzToonz  

Toonz is a very versatile West Texas emcee. Honestly the most down to earth emcee you would ever meet as I have spoken with him many times before. There was a time when I didn’t realize how good he was while on my playlist. When I put music on my playlist names, artwork, track listing doesn’t matter. It is all random intentionally so I can never play favorites. Yet Toonz music has been in consistent rotation but he is so versatile that his songs don’t sound too much alike. Therefore I thought it was three different people making dope songs but it was one person. As of now he is signed with Krayzie Bone and putting in the work to be a great emcee.

2. Lil Bizzy @elev8torbizzy

Speaking of Bone Thugs, it seems their greatness is coming back around and Thank God. They say the music industry runs in cycles so it was all but a matter of time before Bone Thugs and Harmony’s skill would be reborn. Lil Bizzy is the legend Bizzy Bone’s son and his skillset definitely shows it. Personally I prefer an individual to find their own identity rather than attaching themselves to their legend parents yet the pure polish of Lil Bizzy will make you careless about that entirely. Some of his songs take me back to East 1999 and that is maybe the greatest compliment I could give him.

3. Rah @RealRah504

Rah is the most consistent of all of those on this list. He is a New Orleans emcee residing in Houston Texas. The great thing about it is how he takes elements of both of those regions to go along with his skill level that most will never amount to crafting great music. He is currently about to drop a new project entitled RahReagan which is a great way to express his content. See he is a rapper who actually raps about sensative issues but never forgetting the first priority is to release great music. So you never get a socially conscious dry song, instead you get great music that will touch your soul as he speaks for those who struggle.

4. Penny Well @PennyWithSoul

It isn’t very often that I go away from Hip Hop music but there is always a great exception, Penny Well is just that. How often do you hear people today creating 80s and 90s Funk? Let alone having the skill to pull it off? Don’t get it twisted, he maintains Hip Hop and Soul Music to go with his Funk making his music very refreshing. His music takes me back to my fond memories of movies like Beverly Hills Cop, music from Chaka Khan, etc. Everytime his music plays I get the urge to dance and you would feel the same. Penny Well is a Bay Area/ LA artist who makes the music you forgot you needed until you hear it. Shout out to the World Champion Warriors

5. Dexx! Turner @DexxDaBest

And rounding out the list is an Alabama Rapper named Dexx! Turner. You may remember him from having one of the best songs of 2015 on my channel, Mayweather. Where most people disappoint with a follow up project Dexx! progressed and his latest release Lessons showcased his skill on a more consistent bases. His skillful and soulful sound is the standard of which you expect to come out of the south. If he continues on this path of progression a classic project is sure to come.