Fuck The Police

NWA’s Fuck the Police can still be an anthem today.  I can truly say that deep down I hate those bastards.  Simply because they protect and serve themselves and the city’s interest (not the peoples).  And in this article I will give you some stories on why I hate them.

So my best friend Mr. Drumma used to own a big body Cadillac with 20 inch rims on it.  Now Mr. Drumma is a black music producer that works as a retail manager by day so he can afford such things.  Naturally he gets pulled over on the way to the studio.  The officer asks for license and registration without giving a reason why he pulled him over.  All Mr. Drumma’s paper work is legit yet he still tells Mr. Drumma to get out the car to search it.  The officer proceeds to destroy the interior and breaks some $200 sunglasses in an effort to find drugs, weapons, or whatever.  After finding nothing he proceeds to ask Mr. Drumma “Are you a rapper? You look like a rapper.  But your license light is too bright; I’m going to let you off with a warning this time.”   

A few years ago a young man decided to murder some unsuspecting police officers.  He walked behind them and proceeded to shoot them both in the head.  I don’t condone such things; I feel it’s wrong to take a life.  Yet after all was said and done; they captured the young man and the story came out saying he listened to Pastor Troy’s Murder Man over and over before he did the deed.  Who the fuck really cares?  Yet this story got so big Pastor Troy had to issue a statement saying he doesn’t condone that action and he’s sympathetic for the fallen officers.  What part of the game is that?

My cousin was arrested for having a controlled substance in the car.  So as he a waited to post bail he witnessed something completely immoral.  A girl was being released and as she was walking towards the exit the corrections officers yelled at her telling her to halt.  Her paper work wasn’t completed yet, they needed five more minutes but instead of saying wait they said “stand right there you bitch, don’t go anywhere slut”.  Naturally she said don’t you talk to me like that and that’s when one guard slammed her and the other beat her with a radio transceiver (walkie talkie).

Fuck the police, they pull this type of shit and then cry when we pass a no snitching ordinance.  Yes I would rather help the criminal with silence than help you criminals get your stats up.