Full of It


People love to talk about doing things but sadly put no effort or thought into how to actually accomplishing it. We see this on every level of life which leads me to the most obvious conclusion, most people are full of crap. You see this in people who claim they will be a successful musician but have no plan to actually build a fan base. Sadly you see this in politics when you see idiots leave Paris Climate Agreement or leave the European Union. These people merely do these things without thinking of the consequences of such actions it just sounds good to other idiots to do such as no one makes an effort to actually understand it.

When I chose to go into the music industry I had no clue what I was in for. The amount of struggle put in place for everyone was well beyond my expectation. Yet after years of studying the game and how people within entertainment act I have gathered a solid foundation years later. I actually came into this willing to learn and read books about the proper contracts, failures of notible acts, etc. All this preparation has come slow but worthwhile so I won’t be that full of crap blogger telling you things that are obviously false. People could easily tell you how their ideas would fix the music industry but never give any specifics on how to do that. Rappers will always tell you how their new project is going to randomly blow up but have no stategy in actually making that happen. Yet over years I have built a network and an audience where I can actually stategically make moves.

It is very important for you to question people, I don’t care if it is your best friend or someone running for office to represent you. If they say they have all the answers to help you then they need to tell you these answers. They definitely should have a plan and be able to put it in specific understandable terms instead of being vague to gain your support. An old trick, the more vague and less you say the more interesting you become. This is because people put their own assumptions on you when you make yourself or your moves a mystery. People love to believe others have the answers or know what they are doing because of the position they are in and this is untrue. As we have seen in politics that it is way too easy for idiots to be elected in a country full of them. We see it in corporate america on how too many are promoted to positions of power but have no clue what they are doing. Never take a position for granted, always press people to see what they plan on.

The moral to this story is to never take things for face value. If someone attempts to sell you something it has to be more than a dream. Never put your own impressions on another hoping that they are going to do you right. Instead you must know their specific plan before you give them anything from your funds to your support. There are so many full of crap people out here that you are helping by not specifically understanding them. If they don’t have a strategic plan in place that they are talking about then don’t deal with them.