Generational Struggle of Hip Hop


So recently a subscriber of mine asks if I agree with dj akademiks on a particular issue. Without even reading it the answer was no because I know the type of person he portrays himself as in social media. Yet I still read the stance it seems he has taken and it makes no sense. It seems he said that younger artists should take over with mumble rap while older generations forget about bars, something along those lines. I responded by saying that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and in this article I will give you logic behind why that makes zero sense.


Lets just say people decide to go along with this non sense, how would it work? You are honestly hoping generations of people who were born into the Hip Hop culture simply give it up? What actually fills that gap because the Hip Hop Culture is more than just commercial rap music. It is fashion, the most popular television shows from Power to Love and Hip Hop, basically it is all fascits of entertainment and a lifestyle for multiple generations. When the generation before me was raised in Hip Hop, I was raised in Hip Hop, and now my younger cousins to nephews are being raised in Hip Hop it shows you how far this goes. Hip Hop means a lot to many people and there is no way a collection of people who believe Hip Hop to be something different to them would come together to allow another group they don’t believe in to have it. That is simply foolish thinking from the start.


The issue that akademiks is attempting to confront is more of world issue that everything is effected by. This issue is the seperation between generations, basically how older people don’t respect what younger people do therefore there is a clash. Think back to the Vietnam War as an entire generation of hippies went against the beliefs of older generations. Think about this last election where trump was elected because his views were old school white supremacy which has caused nothing but conflict. To think there would be no conflict between an older generation who believes their music to be the “right” music and a younger generation molding their own is wishful thinking. And there is no solution because people are too closed minded on their own beliefs to be one. Therefire these extreme solutions proposed by the likes of dj akademiks are no more than unrealistic fantasies.


The moral to this story is that there is zero chance people will give up Hip Hop no matter the generation. And this conflict is something based in all aspects of humanity not just Hip Hop. If humanity goes through this same cycle every generation then there is no way Hip Hop would be exempt from it. Until people change this will be a thing and people aren’t going to chage. So therefore these extreme fantasies are nothing more than that.