Getting People To Listen


Something that I had to learn the hard way is that people don’t think for themselves. One would like to believe that all you need to do to reach mass notoriety is to speak to individuals and convince them to peep you out. Yet that isn’t how life works, see most people look for confirmation of how they feel from their influences. These influences can be tastemakers, the radio, television, popular websites, etc. Basically people need to be told what is hot and can’t figure it out on their own. This is the key to the success of many industries because the people are too lazy to think for themselves.

Here is an experience that I had long ago. While working in the mid to late 2000s I was already experimenting on how I could get people excited to hear new music. The premise was if you can convince one person to listen to something new then you can convince others building notoriety. So I started with known acts that people knew of but didn’t listen to anymore, the first album was DMX Grand Champ. My manager at the time was a New Yorker that was more into the complexity of acts like Nas rather than the gritty DMX who was long out of his peak. Yet that Grand Champ album was solid so I tried to convince him to listen to it. He refused, much like most people who are told they would like something he didn’t even attempt. It was only until I gave the CD to other workers that he actually listened to when he became interested. Whats funny is that co worker sold that CD to him when he could have had it for free if he just listened to me. This showed me that it was more about who the information came from than the actual music.

Power is the ultimate currency of this earth and it can only be given to you. Industries like the music industry is only powerful because the people allow them to be. Here is the real talk, you look at an individual differently when they are signed to a major label than when they are moving their own music. Ask yourself does being signed mean they are making better music? Of course not because if that were the case acts like lil yachty, kodak black, young thug, ect. wouldn’t have their backing. Does being on the radio make a song good? Of course not, yet people still feel as though someone made it when they attain rotation. This is why artists look for cosigns from emcees whether they know it or not. When a known act cosigns someone then the people will give them an opportunity eventhough they themselves don’t know that cosigner personally. When you think about such, it makes no sense but very little about mankind makes much sense either. It is really just how things are.

The moral to this story is to understand human nature enough to take advantage. The best way to get people to listen to your stuff is using people they listen to. These days people flood timelines spamming mixtapes and this ensures people never take a moment. It isn’t about how good you are, instead it is if they have heard of you. When people have heard of you then people are more likely to listen even if it is just to hate on you. Therefore identifying the person people listen to and attaining their cosign can do more for you than you think.