Hardcore and Typical Fans

While in the game you will have two types of fans; Hardcore and Typical.  If you seen commercial success then your typical fans will be greater than your hardcore and the inverse if you remain underground.  There is also some confusion because your typical fans can sometimes cross the line into dick rider to be mistaken as a hardcore fan but any hardcore fan knows the difference between the two.  Truth of the matter is both are good for your career but you really want a large amount of hardcore fans because the help you maintain longevity.

Hardcore fans are those who have been there for you before you seen any major success or genuinely can never get enough of your music.  Even if you flip the script they will continue to support you until you totally pull the Ja Rule and turn your back completely on them.  As long as you make some music that is true to you these fans are for life but if you allow the music industry dictate you will lose them chasing after Typical fans.  Once your hardcore fan base is gone they are gone forever.

Typical fans are people who only like you because your songs are played over and over on the radio.  There are way more typical fans of music than there are hardcore fans so it’s a no brainer for record companies try to turn every artist pop.  Typical fans are only there while you are hot and everyone who has been hot has cooled off.  They bounce from hot artist to hot artist and won’t follow you if you lose your promotion.  Sometimes they will go very far to pretend as if they are fans for life (dick riding) but after due time they will do the same for the next hot artist. 

The inconsistent, lack of will, people are the target of the music industry because it is for the big dollars.  Yet if you chase after them then you lose everything you built up.  Hell an artist is a dime a dozen so why not run all your artists into the ground trying to squeeze out every dime you can.  As I said before, the record labels aren’t on your side they just have clever ways to fool you into thinking that they are.  They will come to you saying you need to cross over to keep your deal or they have the perfect record for you.  It’s all ways they can increase sales while not caring for the current fan base.