Hearing Yourself Talk


One thing I learned long ago is that people could careless about improving even if they ask someone specifically to help them. For the most part when someone asks such a thing it is an attempt to get more people to hear them than an actual call for help. Therefore as much work as I put in to help people progress with my experience the message is always lost. This frustrates me the most because I have literally lived it on so many different levels and offer valuable advice that these people could never recognize. Yet having this understanding shows me more about this life.


The more I watch the world the more I realize I am different based simple things. Take for example something that was asked in the movie Pulp Fiction that everyone should take to heart. In conversations do you listen or do you wait to talk? Personally I have sat and listened to people in order to learn all I know. Yet most people in this world simply waits to talk no matter if the individual they are talking to has the keys to success they need. People simply want to be heard instead of learn something new so they try to shift conversations instead of trying to get the most out of such. For a long time I have always believed that people will listen to you if you become notible but honestly I am not so sure any more.


Recently someone paid me for a review and I say specifically if you pay me for a review then it isn’t for promotion. I have a following but not that big of one and my audience really don’t come to me for new artists. From there I hope people recognize that the honest criticism is what they are buying from someone who has been there and learned the game. Sadly that isn’t the case, as seen with this latest review people sincerely want to question criticism that everyone can see. I told this individual that he is off beat and his flow needs work. Went as far as playing an example and pointing out where he goes wrong but got a message back saying that he is on beat. Brah, if you are not going to listen then what is the point?


The moral to this story is to know that people want everything to be about them instead of actually learning. Having this understanding you can learn how to deal with people. Do you remember the movie Fresh? That movie was about a young drug dealer who played a game of chess with people to get him and his sister out their situation. Fresh played off the ego and desires of everyone who simply want to hear themselves talk to win in the end. This is what you open yourself up to when you only want to hear yourself talk.