Hip Hop Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

Your success in the music industry will be much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You will need a ton of different pieces that somehow fit together to show a grand picture. All of these pieces you have you will have to figure the right way to use them. You have to find the ways they all fit together and if they don’t then it will make the puzzle more difficult if you force them. Often you will be searching for the one piece that binds everything together but until you find that you have to learn all of the pieces you have to determine how to use them.

When doing a jigsaw puzzle you always are looking for the first piece that you can build on. Personally I look for the corner piece because those are the most obvious to based on their shape. I end up building the entire outside of the puzzle then working my way in to complete it. This is the direction I have taken with my music career. I look for the obvious pieces that I can build around and keep them with me until I put everything in place. That is why I remain in contact with many people who have production skills, music studios, and overall talents. The problem with life is that over time these pieces shape shift as people come into their own and change which makes this game that much more difficult.

Understand the piece that brings all the other pieces together is the money. When you are able to make money off your craft and pay others for their work then a lot of options will revolve around you. In a perfect world that is where you would start to build everything but that isn’t this game. In this game you need to build skills, build quality products, learn the game, learn to promote yourself, build your connections, and more. All of these have to happen while you make money or else you will blow your opportunity. Therefore you need to mold all of your pieces in real time while moving forward until you get that one piece that will align everything together.

The moral to this story is that you are one puzzle piece away from making your career come together. That piece is being able to make enough money off your craft to provide a living for yourself. Yet the problem with that is getting to that point isn’t the easiest route. In music to get to that point you have long strides of improvement just on a music level to be comparative to the better acts. While business wise you will need to learn in order to not be robbed for your earnings. As time passes things change making your path more difficult to complete but you can get there. With the right creativity, planning, and grinding you can see all the pieces align making you successful.