How Music “Should Be”


One thing that annoys me is how people apply their personal values to “how the music industry should be” instead of playing the game as it is. Keep in mind I am supportive of people attempting to make a change for the better but for the most part we are dealing with people stuck in a fantasy time who just want to complain. Yes I feel the industry has made a ton of bad moves that has led us to commericalized music where lyricism is almost non existent but I will never hate on a new generation trying to come up.


So recently I would chilling with my cousins talking about music. Of course the typical conversations come up on “who is your top 10”. Now my top 10 included Lil Wayne which my cousin took offense to. He cited his history of ghost writing should exclude him because Hip Hop is supposed to be for those who write all their own stuff. Never mind Lil Wayne has been in the game his entire life, he put on the biggest acts today, created classics in his own right, etc. My cousins fantasy of how the game is “supposed” to be played blinds him from seeing people who are playing the game to the highest level. I may not be the biggest fan of Wayne or even these new mumble rappers but I won’t deny that they have reached a point many people wish.


Forget your beliefs of what should happen, the game is being played and either you play it or get played. Understand that the game is going to continue to move forword whether you like it or not. So either you give the people what they want right now or create what they will want in the future. Being stuck in your ways because its what you deem as “the way things should be” is foolish. Only a fool would have such an ego to believe that millions of people have to conform to what you say. It is foolish to ignore music the masses has accepted. Even if you don’t like new music you still need to recognize it or you will lose touch with reality. Sadly my cousin long since has lost touch with reality.


The moral to this story is even if you don’t like the music you still need to recognize it. Your idea of how the music industry should be doesn’t discredit artists who are playing it as is. I am big on people creating the next music for the future but this facination with how music was is something that is proven to not work. Generations of people have wanted 70s R&B to come back, how has that played out? Generations have wanted 80s Rock to come back, did that ever happen? So to hope for 90s Hip Hop to come back is a fools errand but people still hope.