I Can Do That


It is important to have an attitude as in anything you see done you can do. Until you start getting into things like astro physics everything being released has certain amount of simplicity to them. The reason for this is because in order to mass produce anything it has to be dumbed down so that employees with no knowledge can piece them together. It really comes down to your willingness to learn and attempt. The benefits of such a mentality is that not only you save money but you also learn skills that can create money if you so desire.

So a while ago while driving to the airport a coyote ran in front of my car and I couldn’t avoid it. It damaged my front bumber to the point I had to remove it exposing the air deflector underneath, which was damaged as well. I had the option to hire a friend of my uncle to fix it for cheap (allegedly) but since we have completely different schedules I never made it over his house to meet his friend. Therefore I researched it on the internet and found a tutorial for a model close to mine. Using that and other reasources I begun to feel confident in my own ability to do it. It took longer than it should have but I fixed it all for $135 for a new grill. Honestly it was very straight forward, the only thing frustrating was that the screws and bolts were all rusted and some were difficult to get off. This could have cost me much more and taken longer but instead I have an I can do that mentality.

This same concept needs to be applied to music. People love to go to the studio and end up spending some decent money. Personally I feel if you have a studio that you enjoy the sound from you should only be there to complete a song. You should have your own set up to record your ideas until you master them. Once you complete the idea then go re-record it in the main studio. This means you need to build your own set up and there are tutorials for that. If someone is trying to sell you a promotional package that puts your music on all digital music outlets then this mentality should come into play. You can figure out what it takes to get your projects in all of these areas. By paying someone else to do it you are just exposing your laziness. Keep in mind there will be some things you can’t do because you don’t have the needed equipment but everything else you need to handle that.

The moral to this story is to do what ever you can yourself. For the most part things people are attempting to sell you can be done on your own accord if you want to. This will save money and help you learn new skills that you can sell to others. With the internet we have an infinite amount of materials to research and honestly you are being lazy if you aren’t going to use it. Keep this mentality and you will continue to learn and there is no telling what you can earn from such.