Importance of Exclusives


Having exclusives are the key to attaining interest among the masses. Exclusives are content that people desire that can only be found with you. In this day and age exclusives are more difficult to obtain. This is because if one person has it then odds are if you know where to look then you can have it too. Also the risk of having such things isn’t entirely worthwhile even if grow in notoriety. Honestly it is best to create your own product from scratch because once it becomes popular then you have an exclusive monopoly from there. Otherwise you are risking too much.


Every industry has exclusives where you can only get a certain product from them. Take Apple for example, they currently run the digital music game with the Itunes store. The reason for this is the infastructure they have. Once you buy an Apple product then you buy the fashionable device, convienence of it being completely all inclusive, and access to the itunes. You can’t get this from anywhere else. Personally I have a windows phone, yes its crap but I got it for free so I run with it. Yet I am strongly thinking about switching over because I simply don’t get the apps. There was a point where I had to go through multiple bootleg instagram apps to get the full experience that instagram provides. It sucks but that that is an exclusive you can take notes from. It is almost impossible to ignore itunes if you have a smart phone.

When it comes to this youtube game, I could easily have the exclusive that everyone wants. See people want to hear the albums without having to pay for them. I could do this, there is a reason why I release full reviews well before anyone else. The reason is because I know where to look but my thing is I will never steal or promote these places who do. Also consider the fact that I have once loss a channel that took years to build. Things like copyright strikes for content isn’t worth the thousands of views one could obtain by leaking music. Instead I would rather have the review exclusive by being one of the first to release a review. Now my reviews are much more indepth than many people who wait weeks to release a review therefore I have both ends of the game.

The moral to this story is that exclusives are important. Basically these are content that people are seeking and if you are the only one with it then you have no choice but to grow. Now these exclusives may come with consequences so you must determine if it is worthwhile to you once you have an opportunity. There are always multiple ways you can go with exclusives. You can try to benefit off the strength of others or you could build your own based off these exclusives. It is always best to build yourself up so that the consequences of putting out something is minimum.