In the Music Industry The Casting Couch Does Exist

One thing people outside the industry don’t think exist is the casting couch and you would be a fool to believe it doesn’t. The casting couch is real, not just in porn but its how many of these video models get their start. Its a fact of humanity, the masses of those who have the power to give fame abuse that power to take advantage of weaker minds and that is all that the casting couch is about. It is so prevalent that it has become expected and the norm among those who are really in demand. This shit is far from a secret and something you ladies need to watch out for.

When a rapper achieves success then there becomes needs that will be fulfilled one way or the other and these needs can yield it’s own success. For instance every rapper uses music videos to promote themselves and if they are hot enough that video will be played in the mainstream media multiple times. Therefore opening an opportunity for people to be seen and beautiful women are often the most recognized to the point that the right woman can be in demand and paid to be featured in multiple other videos. If you think those who are doing these videos don’t know this and use this dream to their advantage then you must grow up.

Breaking into modeling is a very tough thing to do. There is always younger and more beautiful out there willing to go the extra mile to have a CHANCE at being in videos. I capitalize “chance” because there are many who do the casting couch and get nothing in return. There are some people who don’t do the casting couch when filling positions but there are but a few who have those kind of morals. Honestly I don’t recommend anyone do modeling because it is all based on the personal preferences of those who are in power and even if your good at it, to get a shot you most likely will be taken advantage of. Best things models can do is find an agency to take them on that aren’t on that bullshit or get lucky.

The moral to this story is don’t be a fool thinking that this shit don’t exist. This game is a lot deeper and darker than you think because those with power use it to take advantage of those without to exploit them. I’m hoping next generations will be more focused on their business than banging every model they can get on their videos. Simply because that has been backfiring in terms of tell all books. There’s too many groupies chasing after you to take advantage of the weak in such a manner.