A key indication that you are full of shit is if you leave things incomplete. I understand that sometimes we like to do too many things and we need to give up on some to get the ones we want done the most. Yet there are too many rappers who never finish a single path they decide to go down. Typically they realize how much effort needs to go into to each individual route and decide to give up and return to the half ass plan of strictly recording songs. When you never see a plan to the end how do you expect to see success?

It is easy to go into the lab and record songs, if you do it long enough you will become good at it but the path to the music industry is much more than this. I have yet to see someone with power walk into any studio and select songs they like to listen to and put an artist on. You must put forth solid promotional plans and see them through to the end. Even if they seem like they are not working, you must conclude the path to know for sure but if you fall back to your comfort zone without finishing promotions then truthfully you’re too afraid to see success.

Personally I had a lot of moves that failed but seen them to a logical ending. I used to move street albums until the rap team I had collapsed. This taught me to not trust in anyone and a team isn’t worth anything if everyone isn’t carrying their own weight in promotion. Later I tried to do Madden Tournaments where I didn’t promote well to get a crowed and didn’t have the funds to be consistent. This taught me how much work you need to put in for promotion to take hold of people. I done many more that helped me lose all my savings but I gained the knowledge I needed by finishing what I started.

Moral to this story is if you start something there is value in seeing it through to the end. If you are a rapper who likes to record then complain on why you are not shining instead of putting together promotional plans then you are not serious. Rappers like to use being broke as a medal of honor when they rap but no one who isn’t a bum is completely broke and can’t pursue their dreams. Truthfully they rather spend their money on Jordan’s and then want a hand out in the rap game. Either prioritize or give up.