Industries Die (Including Music)


Many things in this world were designed to die and the creators didn’t even know it. Many great ideas are rushed to reach the people and the flaws are exposed later once things are already built. Also technology can continue advancing to the point that a hustle you created becomes outdated leading to the death of what ever you had. Very few things are perfect and as time passes things change, it is all but a matter of time before your means of earning a living will end. This is when you must adapt and flip up your hustle or you will die off with what you believed in.

Did you know there was an industry of people who would manually turn on street lamps before the invention of electricity. That job of course died out. In this day and age coal has been dying out for quite sometime but is still being proped up. Yet with better sources of energy being utilized it makes sense that something as dangerous for the individual to the planet would fade away. People are going to fight against this change because they have nothing else but this is where those people need to adapt. I am not trying to minimize the struggle this will put on people but it is the harsh reality of life. Much like how there was once a thriving society of workers on the docks of any port city. These days unions are dying out as shipping businesses are going automated. It cost less and it has minimized accidents but also led to little work, another job that has lost its relevency overtime. The question becomes are you going down with the ship or going to find something new.


The music industry isn’t exempt to changes in the world. When digital file sharing became a thing it has decimated compact discs for the most part. This was a fundamental shift in how the music industry does business which led to the immergence of Itunes and music streaming. With Itunes being a paying subscription it is built to last as long as their products are the popular items to have. Music streaming is having all kinds of issues as the bigger services which are free are costing more to maintain than advertising can provide. Places like Spotify and Soundcloud has been forced to show the public how much they are losing. Understand that storage space for these free sites cost money to have and maintain. The when ad revenue isn’t enough to maintain this and not enough people sign up for subscriptions then it doesn’t matter how big the service it is built to fail. If these businesses do fail then there will be another massive shift for all the people who are storing music for promotional services or the game will change. Sites like Datpiff are already struggling as the commercial industry moved on from mixtapes to paid EPs and doesn’t seem to be coming back. As great as free music sharing is economically there is no sustaining formula for it yet.


The moral to this story is that industries die out and the advancement of the people is usually what does it. Once life advances many people are simply out of luck and will have to adapt or go down with the ship. The music industry barely survived Napster thanks to Apple Itunes and an advertisement model. Yet many on the front lines of the advertisement model are struggling which will lead to another dramatic shift. Sites like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Datpiff can easily fade away in time. If the ad revenue side of the music industry fails then we have to adapt or go down with the ship.